December 22, 2013


About me

Eye colour
Dark Brown
Hair Style/colour
Straight(A little wavy at the bottom)/Dark brown.
I didn't check it ._.
Clothing Style
Tshirts and jeans.
Best physical feature
Not sure eh. (I think my friends have the answer..)(or maybe not)

Your fears
Your guilty pleasure
tbh, im not sure.
Ambition for the future
Something related to arts.

Your first thought on waking up
"What time is it?"
What you think about the most
My examination results.
What do you think about before going to bed
"Tomorrow, I'll sleep earlier than today."
You think your best quality is

Single or group dates 
idk tbh
To be love or respected
Beauty or brains
Dogs or cats

A lot.
Believe in yourself
Being in love
Want someone.
not sure.

Been on stage
Done drugs
Changed who you were to fit in
A little bit tbh

Favourite colour
Red and black.
Favourite animal
Hamsters and rabbit.
Favourite movie
I have a lot.
Favourite game

Day your next birthday will be
Two months (lazy to count)
How old will you be
Does age matter
yea, idk.

p/s: you can repost this.

December 14, 2013



Sedang melatih diri untuk bangun lebih awal. Bukan senang, tapi setakat ni tidur lambat mana pun sebelum jarum jam tunjuk pukul sebelas, aku dah bangun. Boleh dikatakan satu accomplishment juga dalam hidup walaupun bukannya pagi sangat. Malunya dengan diri sendiri. /sobs/

Bukan tu je, sekarang ni aku cuba untuk buat hari aku lebih produktif. Produktif? Produktif apa yang aku maksudkan pun aku tak tahu. Memang susah kalau selalu menghadap handphone dengan laptop ni. Handphone langsung tak boleh lepas dari tangan. /sobs/

Aku memang tak boleh jadi pakar motivasi sebab diri pun kurang bermotivasi. Selalu juga baca blog yang bagi motivasi tapi tak pernah ambil dengan serius. Entah pape gila.

“Determine never to be idle. No person will have occasion to complain of the want of time, who never loses any. It is wonderful how much may be done, if we are always doing.” 
― Thomas Jefferson

p/s: sakaki y u so hot

December 9, 2013

"Do you believe in horoscopes?"
"I dont."
"Because I dont."

November 17, 2013




Okay, so it has been approximately 4 years since I started blogging. The reason why I made this post is because I was checking on my blog and saw some old posts. And probably, I laughed at myself because of some stupidity on spelling and stuff. I feel so embarrassed with myself right now. I deleted my 2010's posts last year. (i guess)

I wrote everything on this blog, my life, my crush, my obsession and everything. But what makes me laughed so hard on the inside is about my crush. Oh my god, what a great nostalgia! Im such an idiot! But, I'm not gona delete it, one day I'll read it again and laugh at myself like what I did today.

Talking about nostalgia, everyone do has their own nostalgia/memories. And it sometimes can make us directly smile alone when we think of it. I remember when I used 'bahasa rempit' while blogging back then and it's totally embarrassing when I think of it. Haha, a bit upset with my past-self.

I also remember when I went to Sunway Lagoon with my cousin and we sang a weird song out loud. We were having so much fun. Being a child, you don't have any serious problems. I was a happy kid. I always hang out with my friends when I was twelve and it was a sweet memory.

I just love how we used to laugh and study together to get a good result. And I shall say it worth a lot. But now, some of my friends are like strangers. I hate the fact that I'm a shy in person and unsocialize. Hope I can stop the tape and rewind or maybe get a time machine.

I think, I had a good life now and then. Alhamdulillah that I've born this way! Hoping for a better life in the future and can't wait to see this post in 5 years later. It will be another nostalgia for myself and this self will soon to be a past-self.

I felt so nostalgic right on this time lol. If you are reading this, it will be great if you could make a post about your old memories. And I will surely read it but do let me know by comment or put the link in my cbox. Let's reminisce the old days. Cheers!

p/s: you can find my old posts at my blog archive but please dont laugh. ok, fine you may laugh

November 12, 2013


Hey guys, I'm back now with a new look! Last night was a horrible night because I messed with my blog codes. I guess, simple templates is hard to use now. I might be back with simple template but maybe after I learnt the codes. It's actually the same codes that we used but I can't find any codes that I've used before this so it probably such a bad night. So, basically I'll just use blogskin for awhile! Apart from that my weeks has been good, because I don't have to think about going to school and anything related to school. I'm not really sure why do i find my weeks has been good because nothing interesting happens to me in a quite while. Unless the part that I ate Gwrap and my life was completed.

Next month, I will be heading to Perak for my uncle's wedding. I really can't wait for that day and i dont even know why. Maybe because I really like being in the car for a long journey, I'm not quite sure. But it will surely be an interesting day! 

Okay thats all!

- Batrisyia x

October 17, 2013



It has been awhile since i updated this blog (reused,reduce,recycle) I seriously don't know what to talk about because my life is so boring idek sooooooo boring.

Well, basically I've been drawing. Too much masterpieces lol at myself. Seriously, I tried to draw potrait but failed so many times damn you hand! Untalented. Very. 

Form 3 in my school dont have to attend school until 21st i guess. I dont really know. (since pmr was officially over idk when should i come and when should i not.) 

I want to create a fanfic but i actually don't know how to start and after i started, i dont know how to end it. I'm bad at making an introduction and conclusion. My fanfics all ends with sad. sad. sad. While it supposed to be a happy ending but instead it ends that the girl get into an accident and die blablablablabla or maybe the girl's parents die and she turns into a loner and blablabla. ugh.

Have any of you heard ATM? Oh my god it's so amazing. I really love it! Justin's voice is just.....ah! All girls can fall for him just by listening to his voice. be my boyfriend JUSTIN! (beliebers acu pisau) Probably won't be his girlfriend, even in a dream. how pathetic.

what should i talk about eh? idk man. thats all bye.

++ i hope i can take crazy photos with him in a photobooth and be the happiest girl alive. ((love?)) ++

October 8, 2013


The picture above shows that i feel so free.

I finally update my blog (since pmr is OVER).

Some ex-pmr students were like, 'ohmagad, its just pmr okay.' Oh my god, we only take a day to tweet/update status about how free we are. Why can't you give us AT LEAST a day. And then, nak mengamuk apa semua kat budak pmr silakan lah.


So, some books that i'm gona read all of the books that i alrdy bought hehehe!! Huckleberrypuff is what i am excited for! Bought it on June haha! Suara dari langit: takde sape tanya do. K........

read books



August 5, 2013



Taking this chance to wish




August 2, 2013



It's quite awhile since last time I updated this blog. As you knew that I was actually having an exam this week. The exam wasnt that bad, but at the same time, wasnt that good. Well, I always say this like almost each time after exam. Idk how to describe it. Hmph, what had happened this week except for exam. I guess, nothing had happened because I'm such a girl with a lonely vibes. Basically. What a sad life isnt it?

Ramadhan will be leaving us within 5 days. sigh. Time flies so fast. On the first Ramadhan, people are retweeting foodporn, foodtumblr, and stuff. And there's some people who got mad. Woooo, relek brader ha. Today is the last friday of Ramadhan. Hmph, muslims will always be waiting for you to come back. Insha Allah.

Today, i got chocolate from my secret admire. Neh, i dont have one lol. If i do have one, I'd say to him thank you so much for admiring me, ilysm my fan. hmph, basically, the main reason why i dont have secret admire. Ha-ha. I bought the chocolate by my own because it looks good and delicious. Gona eat it after iftar. woo-wo-woo. Appreantly, lyana said it was a special delivery well i'm FAMOUZS. Sadly, i bought it by my own so. Let me cry a river. Fathimah didnt get her chocolate yet because, lollipop is out of stock. She will get it after hari raya holidays. That's actually a bad service from prs, I'm judging y'all prses lol. joke.

Thats all bye.
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July 12, 2013


Hello lovely girls and boys, how was your first Ramadhan? Must be exhausting right? Pretty sure. My friends were all like, 'dont talk to me im tired.' 'shh.' 'im sleepy.' Haha, same goes to me. But Insha-Allah we'll get a lot of pahala in this Ramadhan. Amin. I will be sitting on trial exam next two weeks. Wish me goodluck and pray for me. Im really scared to know my trial results ha-ha. For sure.

I guess, thats it hehe. Thanks for reading this short update. Bye.
p/s: There's a huge different between knowing and understanding

June 28, 2013


aww demi! times flies so fast aa

/ Assalamualaikum \
Hi!!! How are you peoples? So basically, i was really stress this week because.....folio. folio. folio. Last week, on monday i was having a flu and i hate flu so bad so i skipped school. Which is really cool because my father bring us to shah alam, one utama and the curves. haha. I ate ice cream on that day ahahaha. Isnt that weird? Me. Flu. Ice cream. Probably. We got back home in about  9 to 10pm. I wasnt supposed to join my family because flu. but duh,  how can i not join. All of those places are very interesting.

Okay so last saturday, i watched superman and it was effin' awesome. Superman is so hot.........no one can deny it.... I S2G. I've been having the biggest superman feels. dont touch me and dont ask me why im not ok. Hahahahaha. People are like, batrisyia, stop it.. stop.. stop... but in fact, i cant.... OHGOD. dont let me start on here. Your time will probably wasted by reading my fangirl-ing moment. Hahaha but srsly, he's hot. not gona deny anything. :)))

This week, haze was all over my place. And we got day off for one days.. But i added another one day. Hahahaa. On wednesday. there's no day off on wednesday. Ughh. But then, i took another 2 days off. which is thursday and today. Hurray. Im so happy. Went to school for just a day this week. Im fabulous. *my fab moment*

In about less than 14 days til Ramadhan. Im so excited. How can you not excited. Huhuhuhu, tbh, i actually cant wait for Syawal but also Ramadhan. These two months are the best. But after raya, i'll be having pmr aye so sad. Hahahahaha, im not excited for pmr. Pray for me to get a better results. I hope i got more 6As. Amin. Im gona get the biggest anxiety attack when it comes to results. Fun fact: batrisyia always got an anxiety attack.

My brother wont be in school anymore next year. which pissing me off. :( this is so unfair. Why cant i skip form 4 and 5 next year. Lol. I was supposed to do revision and study because PMR in 93/91(i guess) days left. But ive been too busy, tweeting, blogging, facebook-ing, instagram-ing, and other -ing -ing at the back. Except for, reading and studying. You can see my lazy-ness just by reading my blog. lol.

Hope you enjoy reading my new post hahaha. thanks bye.

p/s: superman is... so sos sossososososos hot shfashfasjfsa fs

June 14, 2013

pissed of friday

/ Assalamualaikum \

Gday peoples. How was your first week of school? Too me, it was bad. WHYWHYWHY? Because it's my first week of school and words cant describe how much i hate school. I just got my results except for geography. Saps still didnt works until now. Ugh fix that thing oh my god. So, my results weren't that bad but not that good. hmm, but im quite proud with my results tbh. heheheehehehehehhee. jk. who didnt proud with their results tho. Congrats for those who gets good results on mid-year. You did it! But for those who didnt get good results(including me), well doesnt mean you wont be getting good results til forever right? As long as you keep trying and work hard. :) I'm pretty sure, you will get good results. Prove it to people. 

I feel teribbly jealous with some people who are very creative. Idek. I saw so many awesome edits on tumblr. Like, how do u even get those talents. I dont have any talents. Not creative at all. Bad at writings. Stupid. Ugly. Awkward. And so many bad things in me. See, how useless am i. I'm good at eating and do nothing. Like, when people asked me. "hey, whats up?" I'll be like, "nothing productive." See! See! Useless daughter haha.

Ok thats all. Thanks for reading. Bye. :)

p/s: nothing

May 28, 2013

just saying

There's go my self-esteem

/ Assalamualaikum \
Hello pretty peoples. It's almost a month since my last update. I dont know what should i talk about plus i have exam for two freakin weeks. Hahaha, yes. I was focusing 80.1% on my examination. Oh wait, 60% maybe. idk.

Exam was not that bad i guess. Math and science is the subject killers. Paper two for sure. Ugh. Pmr in 4 months but i still using laptop and phone. Damn it batrisyia. U are goddamn lazy ass. One of my classmate said, math paper two was easy. And guess what, she said that she left two questions for science paper two. How come?? But whatever, I've did the best so hoping to get the best. 

Yesterday, i downloaded paint tool SAI because i want to try drawing an anime. It's not that good
but not that bad tbh. Hahaha. Well, need a bit lesson for that idk. Hope my father can buy a tablet so i can draw it easily.

I maybe change my blog template or maybe not. Because i dont have time for anything. I'm a so-called-bussiness woman, busy all the time. Pft. Hahaha, day by day everythings became boring and one day we'll just sit at the corner of house and do nothing.

I have no idea what should i talk about. Lol.  So bye. Peace out to all my haterz out there.

"our life is just like a maze, hard time and easy time."

note: well im pretty much obsessed with him damn.

April 19, 2013


"It's a lie"

p/s: Can i just get a pet tiger. ( if it isnt dangerous ha)

April 12, 2013

March 25, 2013

Segmen bloglist 2013

Join GA! :)

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Cara-cara menyertai
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 Wajib klik sini, sini dan sini sebagai tiket penyertaan *be honest okay?
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Okay as u see, I've edited my blog appearance yay!! It doesnt change too much because laziness. haha well, i've been too busy with some stupid reasons lol. So I've changed:

I've completely changed my linkies' page [ i dont know what its called ]. So you can check out by clicking the links button. There's my cbox and some banners in the page. If you want to exchange banner with me just tell me at my cbox. 
No more exchange link in my blog because I dont know where to put those links plus it'd make the page looks pack and ugly i dont know hehe. Hmph. Yeah, no exchange links. Sorry :)

I dont edit my tutors' blog yet. 

I'm bad at making an introduction so i've made the most simple introduction in the world. Hehehe. Well maybe people should teach me how to make a super duper great intro lol.

I've changed my header well i think its better than the old one idk. Do u think it is? haha. credit to: Cara Delevinge :)

Thats all bye 

March 24, 2013


*first time edit pakai action photoshop. noob gila.*

Well hello there pretty peoples (´・ω・`).

Ok, atas tu aku yang edit pakai action photoshop. Memang cantik tak terkata ಥ⌣ಥ *thanks to nana* And, gambar tu bukan aku punya. Credit to google.com. 

Ujian setara 1
Inilah ujian sebagai seorang pelajar sekolah (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻  
Paling tak suka sebab US1 memang paling susah tak silap ;~; ceh, jangan judge aku sebab ujian memang aku selalu dapat markah teruk ;~~; Dugaan. Macam mana nak ambil PMR ni kalau main-main jeeee. Orang lain semua masa cuti belek buku, buat latihan, apa semua. Aku depan laptop ( ̄。 ̄)~zzzHehehehehehehe. Perks of being a lazy girl. Typical.

A week of holidays aiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiai. Takde cerita terbaru setakat ni. k.

Ada sesiapa yg baik hati nak tolong ajar aku macam mana nak buat blogskin? Aku bab-bab coding/code-ing ni fail sikit ;~; Teringin nak buat, tapi tak reti. Nak ambil basecode takut orang marah. Sebab caption terang-terang tulis 'no basecode'. Kedekut :( *joke* 

Tu je lah bye. 

p/s: sesiapa ada buat GA sila bagi link kat saya boleh takkkk????? ;~;

March 9, 2013


"Hurt and pain.There's much to gain."

March 8, 2013

" Party like its 3012 "

February 22, 2013


Before i start to talk nonsense things so i wanna tell you that quote is so kerek and sedih while she looks happy though. *cough* its not a fake smile or whatever you thing it is. Ok, so i'll start my so-called-entry with asking you "how are you, today/yesterday/last week/last month/last year/and so on." Thats what i do right? Not just today, yesterday nor last week. / that moment when i started to tell you some stupid stuff \ I think, I should change from 'how are you?' to 'how have you been?' lol. Its actually two sentence with a same meaning aha! But then i realized, what is going on with me? Did i just start my entry with this useless infos. lol. / but who even read this though. its a syok sendiri's entry \

Well, this kid or this girl or this babe or this princess / im sure thats irrelevant \ going to be fifteen in about hours. Say what?!! Alhamdullilah. Honestly, when I was eleven. I've been always wanting to be fifteen years old girl. I think being fifteen is so cool. But then, i knew that being fifteen is suck so much. Why? Easy. P M R. So much burden that i get. / back to my birthday story, u gurlz \ So yeah! I'm so excited for my birthday. Who doesnt excited for their birthday though? If you arent excited for your birthday well you're 300% lying. Aha! My friends are so excited wish me 'happy birthday' / i think \ because they said 'happy birthday' to me about hundred times within 4 days. And this morning, people keeps calling me and say 'happy birthday' and i was like, "sorry guys, my birthday is tomorrow eheh but thanks anyway." Hais, they're being so nice today aw.

And i want to tell you guys something! I've finished my drama fanfic all chapters are ready to be post but the writer isnt ready to post it so yeah ahah! Whatever, surely i'll post my so-called-fanfic soon.

two simple covers that i've made. have good day! bye. :">

p/s: sorry for that kind of introduction hehe.

February 13, 2013

February 9, 2013


Hello my lovelies, whaddup? Its been a week since last update so here i go. Well this week i've been so creative. I've made so many doodles, its actually ugly to you all but to me, its perfect and i love it so much.

Whatever ha.

Wait i will show you some doodles that i've made. ok.

There's no credit in that doodle so i consider it as freebies yay! (macam ada orang nak pui). Haha! Thats a doodle using my laptop so here's handwriting doodle.

Hah i know it isnt perfect lol but whatever. thats all bye ily xoxo.

p/s: ingat nak ambil tempahan doodle sebab cuti seminggu kan! (for free)

February 1, 2013


Hello guys, whats hip whats hop? Guess what, its 1st of February! Woho! (23 days until my birthday). 9 months until pmr. Who's excited? Because im not. Hahaha. Okay whatever. Buzzing with school lately. Its kinda annoyed me so much. You dont know how much i hate school ugh (serious problem). Okay just leave my stupid intro alone.

This week, umm basically this week ummmmmmmm. Is kinda cool because school only for four days. Im screaming!1! lol. ok. Only this week ok. k. k. k. Haha. Last tuesday, i was in my art class drawing a tree. Dont laugh because we have to use water colour. It isnt easy. If you thought it is easy and you can only do that as easy as peanut (typical malaysian)  well you're wrong. Take back your words because its so hard ok! My artwork is so damn ugly. Well, i like arts, i  really love arts but ugh. im bad at arts though. lol.

And last Thursday////////yesterday i was doing a presentation with sabrina and fathimah about sejarah. srsly we're awkward and dont even read the book. Hahahahaha! Surely you'll laugh out loud if you're watching us making a GREAT presentation. But btw, fatin and aliah keep asking us questions. That time, i feel like punching them in the face or chop their cheeks, blend it and give it to my lovely aligator ugh. Annoyed. Annoyed.

I'll tell you this one sad story of my life lol. Okay. Serious. This is serious. Last week, my cousin (Rayyan, 5months baby, Melaka) get into hospital because "sawan". Idk weather its sawan or not. But Alhamdulillah he's okay now. FYI, he got sawan for few timesss! It's bad for 5 months baby though. Hm.

Okay guys, hope you enjoy my so-called-story. Hahahahahahahaha. Bye.

p/s: im that people who watching your behaviours and judging on the inside.

January 23, 2013


Hi dear fellas. I didnt update my blog for 2 months i think. Haha. Oh, guys! Guess what? It's 2013. Time flies so fast. Appreantly today is 23rd January 2013 and its my blog's comeback. (a month until my birthday). So how's your school? Is it awesome? Is it great? To me, it's totally bored and full of sh*t. I aint lying. 

Tomorrow is Maulidur Rasul. So, Salam Maulidur Rasul to all muslims in this worldwide. My teacher said, we have to wake up in the morning and go to surau/masjid. haha. But i think 90% of my schoolmate will 'buat taik mata'. Including me idk? haha. Okay whatever, Salam Maulidur Rasul again to all muslim.

Today i was watching perks of being a wallflower. The movie was amazing. Yes, it was perfectly amazing. I seriously got a massive Logan Lerman's feels. He's hot. Handsome. Cool. And. I dont know. haha. I got that movie from Sarah. Thanks. I wanna watch Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Dog Days but its hard to find on isohunt. If u guys have the movie, please give me the link or tell me how to download it. I'm begging.

I've always wanting to make a new fanfiction but when i get into chapter 3/4 i'll loose lots of ideas. So, if i made a fanfiction and i ask you to read it ((drama fanfic)). Please, dont read it, cause you'll be waiting for agesssssssss haha. Okay thats all. Bye. Assalamualaikum.