October 17, 2013



It has been awhile since i updated this blog (reused,reduce,recycle) I seriously don't know what to talk about because my life is so boring idek sooooooo boring.

Well, basically I've been drawing. Too much masterpieces lol at myself. Seriously, I tried to draw potrait but failed so many times damn you hand! Untalented. Very. 

Form 3 in my school dont have to attend school until 21st i guess. I dont really know. (since pmr was officially over idk when should i come and when should i not.) 

I want to create a fanfic but i actually don't know how to start and after i started, i dont know how to end it. I'm bad at making an introduction and conclusion. My fanfics all ends with sad. sad. sad. While it supposed to be a happy ending but instead it ends that the girl get into an accident and die blablablablabla or maybe the girl's parents die and she turns into a loner and blablabla. ugh.

Have any of you heard ATM? Oh my god it's so amazing. I really love it! Justin's voice is just.....ah! All girls can fall for him just by listening to his voice. be my boyfriend JUSTIN! (beliebers acu pisau) Probably won't be his girlfriend, even in a dream. how pathetic.

what should i talk about eh? idk man. thats all bye.

++ i hope i can take crazy photos with him in a photobooth and be the happiest girl alive. ((love?)) ++

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