June 14, 2013

pissed of friday

/ Assalamualaikum \

Gday peoples. How was your first week of school? Too me, it was bad. WHYWHYWHY? Because it's my first week of school and words cant describe how much i hate school. I just got my results except for geography. Saps still didnt works until now. Ugh fix that thing oh my god. So, my results weren't that bad but not that good. hmm, but im quite proud with my results tbh. heheheehehehehehhee. jk. who didnt proud with their results tho. Congrats for those who gets good results on mid-year. You did it! But for those who didnt get good results(including me), well doesnt mean you wont be getting good results til forever right? As long as you keep trying and work hard. :) I'm pretty sure, you will get good results. Prove it to people. 

I feel teribbly jealous with some people who are very creative. Idek. I saw so many awesome edits on tumblr. Like, how do u even get those talents. I dont have any talents. Not creative at all. Bad at writings. Stupid. Ugly. Awkward. And so many bad things in me. See, how useless am i. I'm good at eating and do nothing. Like, when people asked me. "hey, whats up?" I'll be like, "nothing productive." See! See! Useless daughter haha.

Ok thats all. Thanks for reading. Bye. :)

p/s: nothing

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