May 28, 2013

just saying

There's go my self-esteem

/ Assalamualaikum \
Hello pretty peoples. It's almost a month since my last update. I dont know what should i talk about plus i have exam for two freakin weeks. Hahaha, yes. I was focusing 80.1% on my examination. Oh wait, 60% maybe. idk.

Exam was not that bad i guess. Math and science is the subject killers. Paper two for sure. Ugh. Pmr in 4 months but i still using laptop and phone. Damn it batrisyia. U are goddamn lazy ass. One of my classmate said, math paper two was easy. And guess what, she said that she left two questions for science paper two. How come?? But whatever, I've did the best so hoping to get the best. 

Yesterday, i downloaded paint tool SAI because i want to try drawing an anime. It's not that good
but not that bad tbh. Hahaha. Well, need a bit lesson for that idk. Hope my father can buy a tablet so i can draw it easily.

I maybe change my blog template or maybe not. Because i dont have time for anything. I'm a so-called-bussiness woman, busy all the time. Pft. Hahaha, day by day everythings became boring and one day we'll just sit at the corner of house and do nothing.

I have no idea what should i talk about. Lol.  So bye. Peace out to all my haterz out there.

"our life is just like a maze, hard time and easy time."

note: well im pretty much obsessed with him damn.

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hk said...

who is HIM??!!!!