August 2, 2013



It's quite awhile since last time I updated this blog. As you knew that I was actually having an exam this week. The exam wasnt that bad, but at the same time, wasnt that good. Well, I always say this like almost each time after exam. Idk how to describe it. Hmph, what had happened this week except for exam. I guess, nothing had happened because I'm such a girl with a lonely vibes. Basically. What a sad life isnt it?

Ramadhan will be leaving us within 5 days. sigh. Time flies so fast. On the first Ramadhan, people are retweeting foodporn, foodtumblr, and stuff. And there's some people who got mad. Woooo, relek brader ha. Today is the last friday of Ramadhan. Hmph, muslims will always be waiting for you to come back. Insha Allah.

Today, i got chocolate from my secret admire. Neh, i dont have one lol. If i do have one, I'd say to him thank you so much for admiring me, ilysm my fan. hmph, basically, the main reason why i dont have secret admire. Ha-ha. I bought the chocolate by my own because it looks good and delicious. Gona eat it after iftar. woo-wo-woo. Appreantly, lyana said it was a special delivery well i'm FAMOUZS. Sadly, i bought it by my own so. Let me cry a river. Fathimah didnt get her chocolate yet because, lollipop is out of stock. She will get it after hari raya holidays. That's actually a bad service from prs, I'm judging y'all prses lol. joke.

Thats all bye.
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