November 17, 2013




Okay, so it has been approximately 4 years since I started blogging. The reason why I made this post is because I was checking on my blog and saw some old posts. And probably, I laughed at myself because of some stupidity on spelling and stuff. I feel so embarrassed with myself right now. I deleted my 2010's posts last year. (i guess)

I wrote everything on this blog, my life, my crush, my obsession and everything. But what makes me laughed so hard on the inside is about my crush. Oh my god, what a great nostalgia! Im such an idiot! But, I'm not gona delete it, one day I'll read it again and laugh at myself like what I did today.

Talking about nostalgia, everyone do has their own nostalgia/memories. And it sometimes can make us directly smile alone when we think of it. I remember when I used 'bahasa rempit' while blogging back then and it's totally embarrassing when I think of it. Haha, a bit upset with my past-self.

I also remember when I went to Sunway Lagoon with my cousin and we sang a weird song out loud. We were having so much fun. Being a child, you don't have any serious problems. I was a happy kid. I always hang out with my friends when I was twelve and it was a sweet memory.

I just love how we used to laugh and study together to get a good result. And I shall say it worth a lot. But now, some of my friends are like strangers. I hate the fact that I'm a shy in person and unsocialize. Hope I can stop the tape and rewind or maybe get a time machine.

I think, I had a good life now and then. Alhamdulillah that I've born this way! Hoping for a better life in the future and can't wait to see this post in 5 years later. It will be another nostalgia for myself and this self will soon to be a past-self.

I felt so nostalgic right on this time lol. If you are reading this, it will be great if you could make a post about your old memories. And I will surely read it but do let me know by comment or put the link in my cbox. Let's reminisce the old days. Cheers!

p/s: you can find my old posts at my blog archive but please dont laugh. ok, fine you may laugh

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Mrs. Wordy said...

memories are really precious :) and you remind me of myself eventhough i just lived for 18 years but i'm also a shy person and i find it hard to talk to the friends i know back in highschool again now. Hmm, anyway your post sure does remind me of my past >.<