November 12, 2013


Hey guys, I'm back now with a new look! Last night was a horrible night because I messed with my blog codes. I guess, simple templates is hard to use now. I might be back with simple template but maybe after I learnt the codes. It's actually the same codes that we used but I can't find any codes that I've used before this so it probably such a bad night. So, basically I'll just use blogskin for awhile! Apart from that my weeks has been good, because I don't have to think about going to school and anything related to school. I'm not really sure why do i find my weeks has been good because nothing interesting happens to me in a quite while. Unless the part that I ate Gwrap and my life was completed.

Next month, I will be heading to Perak for my uncle's wedding. I really can't wait for that day and i dont even know why. Maybe because I really like being in the car for a long journey, I'm not quite sure. But it will surely be an interesting day! 

Okay thats all!

- Batrisyia x

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