February 22, 2013


Before i start to talk nonsense things so i wanna tell you that quote is so kerek and sedih while she looks happy though. *cough* its not a fake smile or whatever you thing it is. Ok, so i'll start my so-called-entry with asking you "how are you, today/yesterday/last week/last month/last year/and so on." Thats what i do right? Not just today, yesterday nor last week. / that moment when i started to tell you some stupid stuff \ I think, I should change from 'how are you?' to 'how have you been?' lol. Its actually two sentence with a same meaning aha! But then i realized, what is going on with me? Did i just start my entry with this useless infos. lol. / but who even read this though. its a syok sendiri's entry \

Well, this kid or this girl or this babe or this princess / im sure thats irrelevant \ going to be fifteen in about hours. Say what?!! Alhamdullilah. Honestly, when I was eleven. I've been always wanting to be fifteen years old girl. I think being fifteen is so cool. But then, i knew that being fifteen is suck so much. Why? Easy. P M R. So much burden that i get. / back to my birthday story, u gurlz \ So yeah! I'm so excited for my birthday. Who doesnt excited for their birthday though? If you arent excited for your birthday well you're 300% lying. Aha! My friends are so excited wish me 'happy birthday' / i think \ because they said 'happy birthday' to me about hundred times within 4 days. And this morning, people keeps calling me and say 'happy birthday' and i was like, "sorry guys, my birthday is tomorrow eheh but thanks anyway." Hais, they're being so nice today aw.

And i want to tell you guys something! I've finished my drama fanfic all chapters are ready to be post but the writer isnt ready to post it so yeah ahah! Whatever, surely i'll post my so-called-fanfic soon.

two simple covers that i've made. have good day! bye. :">

p/s: sorry for that kind of introduction hehe.

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