February 13, 2015


Assalamualaikum, everybody. I am back. *throws confetti* lol comeback. Sorry for being so idk, lazy? to update my blog? Well, like usual, I have literally zero idea what to talk about on here. Anyway, im back so we need a moment. ok. great.

This year has been really tough. Two months of torture. I have been really busy! ha! this is real, i am busy. Tuition, Koko krunch la, and of course, the most important is homeworks, or should I say assignments(?) cause my teacher thinks it's a bit professional. In a week, there'll be like more than 4 homeworks from 4 different teachers. Crazy, right? And, and, yesterday we had an exam due to merentas desa for mssd. I know what's in ur mind right now. Apa kena mengena doh? Yep, that's how crazy my school is. They want us to sit for a test to make sure that we will not make any noises when the visitors are here. Apparently, the visitors are like vip. I dont know. But yeah, that's the whole point of the examination/test/wtv u call it.

Shaking my head.

Okay, lets drop that issue. It's not even important. Aku pun dah tak ada idea. Terima kasih.