February 1, 2013


Hello guys, whats hip whats hop? Guess what, its 1st of February! Woho! (23 days until my birthday). 9 months until pmr. Who's excited? Because im not. Hahaha. Okay whatever. Buzzing with school lately. Its kinda annoyed me so much. You dont know how much i hate school ugh (serious problem). Okay just leave my stupid intro alone.

This week, umm basically this week ummmmmmmm. Is kinda cool because school only for four days. Im screaming!1! lol. ok. Only this week ok. k. k. k. Haha. Last tuesday, i was in my art class drawing a tree. Dont laugh because we have to use water colour. It isnt easy. If you thought it is easy and you can only do that as easy as peanut (typical malaysian)  well you're wrong. Take back your words because its so hard ok! My artwork is so damn ugly. Well, i like arts, i  really love arts but ugh. im bad at arts though. lol.

And last Thursday////////yesterday i was doing a presentation with sabrina and fathimah about sejarah. srsly we're awkward and dont even read the book. Hahahahaha! Surely you'll laugh out loud if you're watching us making a GREAT presentation. But btw, fatin and aliah keep asking us questions. That time, i feel like punching them in the face or chop their cheeks, blend it and give it to my lovely aligator ugh. Annoyed. Annoyed.

I'll tell you this one sad story of my life lol. Okay. Serious. This is serious. Last week, my cousin (Rayyan, 5months baby, Melaka) get into hospital because "sawan". Idk weather its sawan or not. But Alhamdulillah he's okay now. FYI, he got sawan for few timesss! It's bad for 5 months baby though. Hm.

Okay guys, hope you enjoy my so-called-story. Hahahahahahahaha. Bye.

p/s: im that people who watching your behaviours and judging on the inside.

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