April 20, 2012


Hey people . This week I got nothing hot gossip. Since me and harry got a fight. Yeah , maybe because of my childish react. Definitily I hate fighting. Now , we just like Greg and Rowley . =,= I should be greg :p lol. Yeah , I am trying to greet her. She's answer it but, then we just shut up do own work. I just hope that would not happen but . It happen and now , me and Harry were not greet each other. Maybe she got Aliah now , she dont need me. Huh. :'(  Okay Batrisyia , you must be yourself and strong. 

Just now , I read Harry's blog. It seems like Liza and Aliah are having a fight too. What?! Why this happen to us? Why now? Why not 1 years ago? Why not the years that we don't know each other? Why that happen? Vas HAPPENING?? I feel like wanna kill myself. However I will suffer if I kill myself. But it is more suffer when I am facing this problem. -.-

Like everyone said , we must stay strong and rather with the fate that Allah has determine. Okay then , I will try my best. :) However in that class I will feel like I am in the hell. Yeah , no friends , NO ANYTHING. I just got Aqilah and Liza. However they know that me and Harry having a fight. But they still wanna friend with me. Alhamdullilah , I got a good friends such as them. :')

By the way , however we're having a fight now. I am sure. The fight will not long lasting. It will end one day. :) Maybe , after all Harry dont wanna be my friend. And I don't mind it. :) wuhu. :')

And that's why I will never believe in BFF . All of my friends is my besfriends. :) Huhu. And this things will make me not believe in BFF forever. ! -.- Sorry-to-say. :] Maybe we can be the cutest friends. :']

p/s : Walaupun aku tegur kau tapi kau jawap sepatah dan tak tegur aku. Aku tak kisah pun. Asalkan kau bahagia.. KBYE.
Facts : When I meet him , just like wanna faint. Wooh. :']