June 22, 2012


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Hello lads. How are you? I'm good here. Okay, very good. More than good. asdfghjkl;

Entrepreneurship Day. hari keusahawanan
Hari Keusahawanan, hari yang paling best di sekolah. Dalam banyak-banyak hari, kalau boleh. Aku nak datang hari tu je. :3 Let me tell about it.

This day, our class will sell about 2millions of food. i lied

On this day, our class will sell about 3millions of drinks. June fool 

At this day ! Our class got 1 stall and 3 sessions. Antaranya ;

  • Euro session. Manage by the boys. I've gave them RM 1. Give me play the ball for free. Or, I will kick you lads.
  • K-pop session. Manage by the girls. This session is for all k-poppers. They got, k-pop quiz. cd rosak. tempahan baju. Andddd, I dont know. I dont manage this session. -,-
  • Lastly, Hollywood session. Yesssssssssssssssss! Me and my buddy will be manage this session. We got, Justin Drew Bieber. One Direction. And, Cody Simpsons. Okay babe, on that day. Everyone will call me Batrisyia Bieber. Okay? Or maybe call me, BB. :') 
Awh. I'm so excited for this day. Tapi, pada hari itu. Makcik aku kahwin. Jadi, aku tak boleh manage stall aku. Aduh makkk. Sedih. :( 

Guess what. Just downloaded sims 2. Ahhh ! Best gilaaaaaaaaaaaa! Like , seriously. Ahaha. I can't wait for 14th of July. Why? I'm gonna meet justin. I'm gonna meet justin ! Maybe, one of the passes. I will give Lyana. Excited. :)

p/s (i) : I hope the pass will be yours. I don't want to lose my friend again. :(
p/s (ii) : Math result >.< Can I just ripp that fucking paper. 


thealienoidz said...

chet. tangkap leleh aku kat sini. haha! x

Batrisyia Rosli said...