September 17, 2014

just a little update

Hello guys it is finally holiday! Yay, eventhough I've late 4 days but whatever it still counts. I haven't posted anything in this since Ramadhan. Hais, I suck at keeping my blog updated. The picture above was made by me. Pardon my not-so-good handwriting. My holiday has been pretty boring not going to lie. Firstly, I have been so lifeless. Secondly, because it is boring as heck. So, I have been drawing a lot(not technically a lot but still a lot) I did post one of my drawing on my instagram (@batrisyiarosli) if you want to see it then you'll have to follow me on there because I put my instagram on private. But probably you wouldn't wanna see it because it is not so good. However, I kind of proud with my effort on that.

I logged into facebook just now after years. And I found someone posted about Cara Delevingne will be playing as Margo Roth Spiegelman in the Paper Towns' movie. What the heck I love Cara so much and I am so excited to watch the movie. Firstly I thought it was just a rumour then I went to john's twitter and bam, it is not a rumour. It is REAL.

Hmph, so what should I talk about now? My life is pretty boring I dont know why did I choose to be a blogger haha. Thanks for spending your time to read my stupidly ridiculous update. Enjoy your holiday! Bye.

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